Handle and bear in mind every detail the day with this great event is in your hands, whether you decide to organize and plan your wedding with a specialist advisor or decide to complete it in your own. Making this unforgettable day is certainly as much as you.Produce a special, unforgettable event with some style, elegance where glamour prevails and the private image is imposed, is the ultimate goal.But everything you should remember when organizing a wedding.... your wedding!1.0-A budget should be made and followed:Know the financial situation and how much could be the contribution of both, is essential to start to construct the budget, check if the parents of both contribute something to the event. Having the quantity they have to proceed to prepare the budget, adjusting to it.2.0-do not buy or contract anything initially:Make a set of vendors, converse with acquaintances who have already made your wedding and learn well from the vendors utilized by them. Consult references, experience, request your folder of works done in your community of photography, music, gastronomy, image consultancy, wedding planners.3.0-Define whether to hire professional advisors who support them in the organization:To organize and plan personally a huge event like a marriage, especially if its ours can be quite tiring, hence the recommendation is the hiring of specialized personnel in each area. A wedding planner, a graphic consultant, a culinary professional, a photographer, etc. 4.0-Delegate but dont leave important decisions in the hands of third parties:Having individuals who support the wedding organization is very important, plus you are able to plan your time for activities where only you can participate, but never leave decisions in the hands of third parties, since after hiring something, might have Losses by way of a bad decision. The intent is that you take the corporation of ones wedding in the best way, create an inventory of all of the things that are basic for you to review, list priorities and create percentages according with their importance.5.0-of the things of the bride The Bride is occupied:Details such as for example choosing the wedding dress, the makeup, the accessories, the hairstyle, the manicure, the pedicure, the shoes, the bouquet, the flowers, the costumes of the courtship, are components of that your bride must be personally occupied.6.0-Determine the kind of wedding you want:The bride and groom decide what type of wedding they want. First, and probably the main decision, is to determine whether a religious or civil ceremony can take place. If you choose a religious wedding its necessary to get hold of the Archdiocese of the city to arrange an appointment with the pastor and to create a date. In the case of the civil ceremony, you need to visit the courts of the locality to specify all of the legal requirements and procedures that really must be carried out.At this time you must choose in the event that you are going to make the event in the city, in the countryside, on the beach, modern style, romantic, vintage, etc., formal or semi formal.