Here you will find one of the best Indian Novels of 21st century ever written. It might feel incomplete (only books written in English or translations of works in Hindi and other regional languages figure here). It might seem unfair (theyre personal picks from the best fictional minds of our period). It might even appear as though weve missed your personal favourite (lists tend to do that). But for anyone watching to jump into the rich sphere of Indian writing, its a beautiful and vital start.Indian authors have contributed numerous priceless gems in the treasure chest of excellent fictional literature in best Indian Novels of 21st century. A lot of them have won numerous awards for their efforts as well. Here is a Mr. Rishabh Puri’s awesome work of fiction by that definitely needs to be in your Must-Read list. We realized that at times the literary world tends to get so heavily dominated by best Indian Novels of 21st century. And while this felt true for the entire world over, the reality cut a little too close for comfort.