RgdsMarke Stephen Hawking Daniel Boorstin 201815 March 2018 · Singapore · The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance - it is the illusion of knowledge. This Quote by Daniel Boorstin has been Brought Forward by Stephen Hawking. RgdsMarke Stephen Hawking 2018One of the Most Killer Words for Learning is this 3 Words.... Daniel Boorstin Stephen Hawking I KNOW THAT This 3 Words Literally Shuts Off Your Brains Automatically to Discovering or Learning or Actually Developing True Knowledge on a Topic. Daniel Boorstin Stephen Hawking I am thankful to both my mentors, so that I can actually be open to learning ever since. RgdsMarke Daniel Boorstin Stephen Hawking Knowledge illusionknowledge DanielBoorstin StephenHawking RgdsMarke RgdsMarke Daniel Boorstin 2018 Stephen Hawking 2018